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China Merchants joint construction and Development Group Co., Ltd. has established mining, forestry, environmental protection, water affairs, health, pension and cultural industry funds in combination with CITIC, AVIC, Zhonglin, China coal, China urban construction, Baosteel, Xishan coal power, Yunnan tin industry, Sichuan development, national aging Commission, State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, CCTV cultural relics Association, Party construction network, etc. to deepen the reform, a partnership has been established The personnel compensation mechanism is specially for the positions of managing partner, general manager, operation director, investment manager, wealth management general manager, film and television production, new media management, news reporter and other positions, and the treatment is discussed.

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Job description:

1 assistant to President

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in investment, finance or other economic related fields;

2. 3 years of experience in investment management company, fund company and other financial institutions is preferred;

3. Rich high net worth customers and three-party company interpersonal relationship;

4. Have good project analysis ability and judgment ability, especially financial analysis ability;

5. Solid financial knowledge, proficient in the overall process of project selection, investment, management and withdrawal;

6. Strong negotiation skills, good communication and marketing skills;

7. Strong team spirit, able to withstand high-intensity work pressure.

Job description:

1. Assist the president office leader in cooperation and negotiation with other financial institutions and investment institutions;

2. Assist in the construction and maintenance of financing channels, editing wechat platform, etc;

3. Assist in screening, business visit, negotiation, contract drafting and signing of high quality projects;

4. Assist in the preliminary due diligence of the project company;

5. Assist in the preparation or revision of the client's project proposal, feasibility study report, business plan and other reports;

6. Assist the department leaders to participate in the business processes of project selection, investment, management and return;

7. To be responsible for expanding and maintaining the relationship between the company and the capital market;

8. Experience in financial analysis is preferred.

Working place: Beijing

Salary and treatment: face to face discussion

Channel Manager 10

Job requirements:

1. College degree (including junior college) or above;

2. Love the financial industry, be familiar with high-end financial products such as trust and asset management, and have good financial basic theoretical knowledge;

3. More than 3 years of sales experience in high-end financial products of banks, trust and third-party financial companies;

4. Recognize sales work, have rich direct sales experience, good at communication, diligent and active, brave to adhere to;

5. If you have experience in high-end real estate, high-end clubs, luxury goods, customers with rich resources can also be preferred;

Job description:

1. To explore channels of bank, securities, insurance, etc;

2. Maintain channels and customers properly, ensure business quality and maintain company image;

3. Fully master various financial products issued by the company, recommend financial products to customers and distribution channels, and complete the issue tasks.

Working place: Beijing

Salary and treatment: face to face discussion

Director of fire fighting business department sales (1)


1. Responsible for the establishment of sales team.

1. Be responsible for the promotion, contract signing and payment collection of fire products of the company, and complete the task indicators issued by the company. Responsible for customer service, business answers and other work.

2. Be able to provide product application, engineering project construction technical support and product training to internal sales personnel and agent technicians.


1. Understand the situation of the whole fire industry and formulate sales plan.

2. Have sales strategy and skillfully use various sales methods.

3. Be able to analyze and evaluate the industry and product situation.

4. Familiar with the whole construction process of fire control monitoring system from project initiation to project completion.

5. Be able to timely understand and learn the government's policy information, accurately grasp the impact of policy changes on the industry and product projects, and timely feedback.

6. Have system integrated sales experience; familiar with the operation principle and product standards of various automatic fire fighting facilities such as fire background monitoring and automatic alarm system, automatic spray system, fire hydrant system, smoke control system, etc.; familiar with the current national fire laws and technical specifications;

7. Understand products and brands, have keen market insight and market development ability.

8. Strong learning ability, loyal and sincere to others, loyal to the company, strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit and good communication ability.

9. Basic relationship of fire industry

10. The fire brigade is preferred to transfer to military personnel.

11. Be able to adapt to frequent business trips.

Sales Assistant (3)


1. Be responsible for the promotion, contract signing and payment collection of the company's products, and complete the task indicators issued by the company. Responsible for customer service, business answers and other work.

2. Assist the daily work of the superior leaders.

Sales Manager:

1. Be able to skillfully apply office software.

2. High efficiency and timely report.

3. Strong learning ability, able to understand the company and product situation in a short time.

4. Strong ability of text expression, able to meet the requirements of document handling, office, report and communication with customers.

5. Can drive and drive well.

6. Strong language expression and cheerful personality.

7. The five official officers are correct.

8. More than five years working experience.

9. University degree, system integration, it major preferred.

10. The transfer of troops to military personnel is preferred.

Assistant to the chairman (1)

Job description:

1. Familiar with the company's target orientation and accurately understand the decision intention of the chairman

2. To accurately grasp the social value, marketing means and policy background of the industry or related industries.

3. Have keen strategic vision, communication and negotiation ability, strong solution construction ability and excellent public relations ability;

4. To manage the relationship between the management project and the market resources, and to formulate a marketing plan with objective facts. Cooperate with the chairman to establish a diversified cooperative relationship;

5. Draft relevant legal documents such as cooperation agreement.

6. Assist the chairman in following up marketing activities such as contact, negotiation and signing of interested clients and institutions;

7. Accurately interpret the chairman's instructions, observe market information, government policies and latest information of the industry at any time, and feedback to the chairman in time.

Administrative Clerk (1)


1. Good image, mandarin standard, good temperament;

2. Have certain administrative knowledge and relevant work experience is preferred;

3. Love to study, be responsible for work;

4. Strong writing ability, strong communication and coordination and language expression ability;

5. Proficient in office office software and automation equipment, with basic network knowledge;

6. Cheerful personality;

7. Be able to adapt to frequent business trip in a short time;

8. Have the idea of being a sales manager.


1. Responsible for recruitment, appointment, reception and interview of candidates;

2. The employee entry procedures, the signing, renewal and management of the employee labor contract;

3. The establishment and management of the internal employee files;

4. Responsible for coordination with other departments, and uploading and releasing information;

5. Responsible for the administrative logistics related work of all departments of the company;

6. Responsible for checking attendance and salary performance;

7. Responsible for some daily administrative affairs of the Department, and cooperate with the superior in the administrative personnel work.

Chief operating director of agricultural products e-commerce (1)

[Job Responsibilities]

1. Be responsible for e-commerce module operation, formulate operation strategy and organize implementation; take charge of operation work, establish business operation system, improve business operation efficiency and enhance user experience;

2. Establish a perfect online operation system, business process and standardized and efficient management system;

3. Formulate work plan for product characteristics, user usage and market conditions, including channel, user, content planning, activity and growth, and be responsible for product operation quality, active users and user viscosity;

4. Collect channel operation data, analyze user behavior and demand constantly, adjust the direction of operation strategy reasonably, coordinate with the company's business development strategy, lead online operation and implement it.

5. Marketing planning, customer service management, control operation cost, complete sales budget and objectives, and carry out daily operation and management of all modules.

[job requirements]

1. 5 years of Internet operation experience, e-commerce experience is preferred;

2. Experience in agricultural products industry is preferred;

3. Independent trading market through online shopping mall;

4. Good team management ability.

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