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China business group, together with China Security Industry Association, a first-class association under the Ministry of industry and information technology and emergency management department, has jointly established "zhonglinjin Investment Management Co., Ltd." and "Huarong Zhongan investment fund" with Huarong Xinxing Industry Investment Management Co., Ltd., which is committed to promoting the healthy and rapid development of safety industry with capital investment Xuan new road safety fence project, Zhongan escort vehicle intelligent anti-collision project, Zhongan Ke intelligent safe parking project and other subsidiary companies.

The group will work closely with China Safety Industry Association to keep up with the needs of national safety production situation and continue to cultivate and develop advanced and high-quality safety production projects. At the same time, it will also work with domestic leading Internet platforms such as jd.com and alibaba.com to build an IOT platform in the field of safety production, so as to realize the effective and accurate docking of producers, users and regulators, and realize the seamless and efficient docking of products, logistics and capital.


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