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Comprehensive financial services:

M & A fund: established Donghai Zhongkuang with Donghai securities, engaged in M & A and asset securitization business;

Precious metal Investment Service: Tianjin Zhongkuang union precious metal Management Co., Ltd. is a national precious metal operation and management company approved by Tianjin Municipal People's government, Member No. 137 of Tianjin precious metal exchange, and the only comprehensive precious metal investment company in many member units with the background of gold mine production and gold fund management.

Financial leasing: it owns two financial leasing companies, namely, China Merchants Union Financial Leasing (Tianjin) and Zhongan Huarong financial leasing (Tianjin);

Investment and financing services: financial control platforms are set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, engaged in investment and financing, financial management and consulting services;


  • Supply chain SAS System: on August 16, 2018, China Merchants Lianyin holding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. jointly developed and signed (SAS) supply chain credit transfer system platform with Ping An Bank of China, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the group, to extend the financial services of industrial supply chain for the upstream and downstream enterprises of the group, strengthen supply chain management, support small and medium-sized enterprises, and stabilize the supply chain cooperation relationship.

    The platform provides the circulation of accounts receivable and the whole process financing services related to transactions for core enterprises, suppliers and institutional assigns. Third party neutral platform, high credibility. "Ping An Bank" and "China business group" are complementary resources, rigorous and efficient. Bank level it operation and maintenance strategy, rigorous and stable. The bank clearing system is adopted for sharing, which is safe and efficient.

    The only asset receivable transfer platform in China with direct bank account system enjoys the rigor and efficiency of capital transfer, and is also the only platform connecting with the direct connection of China Deng special line to realize automatic transfer registration.

    Shares in Myanmar digital exchange: in 2018, at the "Myanmar China economic cooperation and financial and Technological Development Summit Forum" held by Myanmar first block chain research institute, Myanmar congressman Wu Huimin formally issued "TPC" license for Myanmar first block chain Research Institute at the forum. This marks the construction of an ecosystem based on Ethereum intelligent contract payment, financial management and credit system with blockchain technology as the core, and has been officially recognized by ASEAN countries.

Fund management:

It has two private investment fund manager licenses of China Mining United Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Tibet China Mining United Investment Co., Ltd

The joint venture with Baosteel resources has successfully launched the Tianjin Zhongkuang Xinhang equity investment fund to invest in Shanxi super large Baie coking coal mine;

Joint Sichuan Development Co., Ltd. launched Dinghao fund to invest in water environmental protection, civil military integration, logistics, new energy, urban construction and other projects in Sichuan;

Jointly with Huarong Xinxing, we launched Huarong Zhongan investment fund to invest in safety industry and medical health projects;

Joint saibole group launched space fund to introduce Israel's most advanced large-scale civil UAV project, etc.

2fc97661f1beaba89fe918148ce84b8.pngd25f10482725ad116cee8f9e1ad6ca2.pngFund management -- Sichuan Dinghao development Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd

General situation

It was officially established in Chengdu high tech Zone in March 2014, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It was jointly funded by Sichuan development Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and China Mining United Investment Group Co., Ltd., holding 60% and 40% shares respectively. At present, the company has managed four funds of water environmental protection, new energy, logistics and civil military integration, with a total scale of about 10 billion yuan.

management performance

Entrusted to manage water environmental protection fund, new energy fund, modern logistics fund and civil military integration fund, with a total scale of about 10 billion yuan. By the end of December 2015, the actual fund raised was 1.32 billion yuan, and 250 million yuan was in place.

Areas involved

Water environmental protection

new energy

Civil military integration

PPP and other fields


  • 基金管理---华融中安投资基金
General situation

Huarong emerging industry investment management Co., Ltd. (Huarong emerging), a holding company of Huarong group, has established Huarong Zhongan investment fund partnership, officially launched and undertaken the national safety production prevention and emergency response guidance fund, with a total scale of 10 billion.


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