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The group started with mining industry. The former joint investment fund of China mining is the first international mining investment fund approved by the national development and Reform Commission, focusing on the global exploration and exploration of investment opportunities in mineral resources industry. The key investment fields include precious metals, non-ferrous metals, rare metals, non-metallic minerals and energy minerals, and the investment stage includes exploration, development, mining, mining, smelting, etc. Several overseas mining M & a funds have been successfully launched, including more than ten overseas high-quality mining projects, including potash, kdx gold mine, Fuman coal industry in South Africa and Tiemuzhen copper gold mine in Mongolia.

Mineral development:

Xunyang gold mine in Shaanxi Province: China Mining Group owns the Xunyang Dagou gold mine in Shaanxi Province. The gold deposit is located in the large-scale ore belt in South Shaanxi Province. In July, 2012, it obtained mining certificate, covering an area of 2.13 square kilometers, and has recorded 14 tons of resources.

Fengzhen molybdenum mine, Inner Mongolia: the exploration area of this mine is 15.68 square kilometers, which is located in the famous metallogenic belt. The drilling and prospecting conditions are very good, and the potential for ore exploration is huge, and it is expected to reach the scale of medium and large-scale deposits.

In 2013, Tianjin China mining joint equity investment fund management Co., Ltd. (general partner) and Beijing China mining joint investment fund jointly launched the establishment of Tianjin China mining information aviation equity investment fund, which invested equity in the exploration right of the white amount project of the Exploration Institute of the first Bureau of China Coal Administration with all funds, and invested about 270Million yuan in the coal project in a targeted way, and obtained 33% of the exploration right. The project is located in Linfen City, Shanxi Province, with a prospecting warrant area of 275.89 square kilometers. In 2011, the Ministry of land and land filed and approved a resource of 1747.02 million tons (16.55 million tons of lean coal and 14.49 million tons of lean coal), with a total resource of 2984.75 million tons. According to the official appraisal report of Beijing Tianjian Industrial Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd., the value reached 7.462 billion yuan.

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