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Carbon trading:

In October 2018, the Group signed a cooperation agreement with Zhongshang quanlian power sales group to jointly establish Zhongshang quanlian carbon power trading group. With power sales as the core business, relying on the information platform, and using industrial finance and power sales training as service means, the group aims to build an industry development ecological chain of power trading, power finance and power big data.


Diversion works:

The Xinjiang Kuitun River Water Diversion Project of China Mining Corporation is responsible for the urban, industrial and domestic water supply of the seventh division of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the comprehensive utilization of flood control and power generation in Kuitun city, Wusu city and Karamay Dushanzi District of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The design level year of the project is 2025, the total construction period is 64 months, and the total investment is about 4.26 billion yuan. Up to the design level year, the average annual water diversion at the end of the project is 540 million cubic meters, the newly increased and improved irrigation area is 1918000 mu, and the average annual power generation of the power station is 649 million kwh.



Sewage treatment:

With the treatment and reuse of domestic polluted water as the core technology, Zhongkuang Pulin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, R & D, sales and reuse, serving water ecological restoration, wetland landscape and domestic sewage treatment.

The world's most advanced cold plasma reactor technology from Russia is introduced and localized. It can treat almost all the hazardous wastes used, such as chemical waste, medical waste, medical waste, incineration fly ash, etc., and realize the gasification target of 99% of solid waste with 80% water content, so as to avoid the trouble of dioxin in incineration technology.


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