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[statement] statement on illegal fund raising and fraud by others
Recently, the relevant departments of our company found that once again someone pretended to be our company and used the "China mining union" app for online fund-raising, and people who did not know the truth had been cheated. We hereby make the following statement on this matter:

1、 Our company has never developed and used a fund-raising app. The so-called "China Mining united" app is purely a fraud tool of others and has nothing to do with our company. The business license and other information provided by the fraudsters in the app is a complete set of fraud, not the real information of our company.

2、 The official website of China mining investment group is www.cmufund.com . "5869889. Com" is a fraud tool forged and used by fraudsters.

3、 Our company has reported the case to the Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau of Beijing and asked the public security organ to intervene in the investigation. Our company will keep communication with the public security organs in time, and actively promote and cooperate with the public security organs in the investigation of fraudsters. In addition, our company has also reported the situation to the relevant departments such as Netcom, asking them to remove the fraud app in time, so as to prevent greater losses to our company and the people who do not know the truth.

4、 Our company deeply sympathizes with the "investors" who have been cheated, and suggests that you report the case to the public security organ immediately to recover the economic losses in time.

Our company is a state-owned enterprise. Since its establishment for more than ten years, we have always carried out business activities in strict accordance with laws and regulations and relevant industry rules. We will cooperate with the relevant departments to investigate the fraud and damage our reputation in the name of our company!

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