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"Technical consultation meeting on mechanical and electrical equipment of Xinjiang Baicheng hot spring water control project" held in Beijing
On October 15, "Xinjiang Baicheng hot spring water conservancy project mechanical and electrical equipment special technical consultation and exchange meeting" was held in Beijing.

The engineering operator, experts and equipment manufacturers have carried out technical demonstration on the number, model selection, parameter configuration, anti scour and wear-resistant technical scheme of the turbine around the design optimization of the unit equipment, and reported the technical contents of the unit operation and maintenance cost and the expansion of the power station in detail, and discussed the installation and operation of the unit equipment. In order to promote the safe and efficient production and construction of the project, the technical consultation and exchange meeting puts forward further optimized design scheme, manufacturing process and operation and maintenance management mode.

It is reported that the Xinjiang Baicheng hot spring water conservancy project is located in tiereke Town, Baicheng County, on the kapulang river. It is a key water conservancy project in the 13th five year plan of national water conservancy reform, with a total investment of 1.35 billion yuan and a total reservoir capacity of 54 million cubic meters. It is a class III medium-sized project with an average annual power generation of 86 million kwh. It has comprehensive benefits of flood control, power generation, irrigation and water supply. After completion, the flood control standard of kapulang River in Baicheng county can be increased from once in 10 years to once in 30 years. China Mining United Investment Group is the only operator of Baicheng hot spring water conservancy project, responsible for engineering design, investment, construction, operation and maintenance.

The meeting was hosted by China Mining United Investment Group and undertaken by Beijing Zhongshui Xinhua International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Zheng Zhi, chairman of China Mining United Investment Group, Yin Baowei, Xinhua water resources and Hydropower Investment Co., Ltd., Gong Changnian, Zhongshui North survey, design and Research Co., Ltd., Zheng Dongfei, Beijing survey, design and Research Institute of China Power Construction Group, and other enterprise leaders and experts attended the meeting. (photo: sun Yingtian)

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